We provide guide services out Kotzebue to the Squirrel River for Caribou, Moose and Grizzly Bear.


We hunt the Western Arctic caribou herd which has over 500,000 animals and is the largest in Alaska. We use the spot and stalk method of hunting, which is a very exciting and productive method. A typical day starts with a big, hot breakfast in the cook tent. After eating, the day starts with glassing for caribou. Often small herds even wander through camp, if we don’t see what we like there we hop on the Kawasaki 4 wheelers and head out. We have a 90% success on caribou hunts.


Our moose hunts take place in many spruce thickets around camp. We use spot and stalk methods some of the time, but our most productive and exciting method of hunting moose is calling them. Since we hunt during “the rut”, bull moose are very receptive to calling. There is nothing quite like hearing a 1200 lbs bull moose charging right at you in heavy timber! Over the years, we’ve maintained a very high success rate of 95% on our moose hunts. Send us an email EARLY, deadline for permit draw is December 06th.

Grizzly Bear Hunting:

Hunting for Grizzly bear above the Arctic Circle is an experience you’ll never forget. We use spot and stalk methods of hunting. And most years we set up a separate camp for bear hunting. It is downstream from our main camp as bears are preparing for hibernation and is both safer and easier to spot them there. Send us an email EARLY, deadline for permit draw is December 06th.